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Probiotics are used for digestion and gut health. Our probiotic tablets are 100% vegan and gluten free, too. People with dietary restrictions can take them daily as gut health supplements.


Our Acidophilus probiotic is 100% shelf life stable, and provides ‘live’ bacteria until its long expiry date. We frequently manufacture fresh batches to ensure you receive the freshest product possible.


  • Key Benefits

    Suitable for men & women of all ages. Our Acidophilus is 100% shelf life stable, and provides ‘live’ bacteria until expiry date. Each strain in each tablet replenishes the existing good bacteria in your stomach, this provides added reinforcement to combat bad bacteria in order to contribute to overall digestive health. Lactobacillus enhances levels of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and helps to improve natural bowel movements. Acidophilus helps to strengthen your body's natural defences. 

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